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CPSB is a professional services firm within the field of creativity and innovation. We are committed to helping our clients meet their innovation challenges. We combine our practical experience with cutting edge research to ensure that our services yield the desired results. Our core team serves our associates and clients in providing programs, workshops, courses, and consulting. Our network of associates provides a diverse group of talents, skills, and experiences – while sharing a common commitment and framework for practice. Our Creativity Research Unit includes a network of seasoned scholars and researchers to guide our research and development work.

We have been in business for more than 25 years, and now operate as a corporation located in Erie County and New York State.

Our initial name was The Creative Problem Solving Group – Buffalo and we used CPSB as our logo. Our current name is The Creative Problem Solving Group, Inc, but we still use the CPSB logo. To learn more about CPSB's history please watch the short video below.