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Hans Akkermans

Hans Akkermans


Hans Akkermans is a CPSB Certified Facilitator and a qualified user of both the Situational Outlook Questionnaire (SOQ) and VIEW: An Assessment of Problem Solving Style.  His first major project at CPSB was focused on the SOQ, for which his statistical knowledge helped provide updated psychometric results for this measure.

Hans has conducted presentations, workshops and training programs for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, such as:  Goodwill Industries International (Rockville, Maryland), Bacou-Dalloz (Madrid, Spain), Berenson Corp (Buffalo, New York), The US Army Materiel Command (Washington, DC) among others.  As some living in the northern part of Belgium, Hans’ mother tongue is Dutch.  He also feels very comfortable writing and talking in English and has a reasonable knowledge of French (German is a language he understands, but does not speak fluently).

Hans has earned his B.Sc. degree (With Great Honors) in Marketing from Diepenbeck University (2006) and is currently pursuing his Masters degree in Economic Sciences in Brussels.  He completed a very successful internship with CPSB in the Spring of 2006.  He was singled out to receive the highest award for excellence and accomplishment for his internship. He has joined the CPSB team as an Associate and continues to work on various research and development projects.

Hans is an accomplished athlete.  Tennis is Hans’ big passion that started at the age of four and has only grown since then.  This naturally resulted in becoming a coach and trainer to pass on his knowledge to others.  Hans really likes his Belgian way of life that includes enjoying a nice Belgian beer in a very pleasant and relaxed social environment.