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Ties Jan de Blij


Ties is a CPSB certified facilitator for Igniting Creative Potential by means of applying the Creative Problem Solving toolkit guided by the latest model of CPS (CPS version 6.1ô). Ties is also a CPSB qualified practitioner of the VIEW and the SOQ assessment tools. He has experience in conducting presentations, facilitating workshops and programs within the field of creativity and innovation. As an Associate of CPSB, Ties works with a variety of client organizations ranging from SMEís to Fortune 500ís to help leaders and teams meet their innovation challenges.

Tiesí strong focus on results stems from his extensive commercial experience, and from his work in the field of performance measurement and management, particularly the design and implementation of Balanced Scorecards. Following his M.sc. degree in International Business Studies from the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands, Ties completed registered post-bachelor programs in the field of professional training and coaching with specific interest in effective program design and (behavioral) result measurement.

Ties is fluent in English and Dutch, with passive knowledge of German. His professional passion for creativity and innovation is complemented by his interests in culture, psychology and modern art.