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David Geuens

David Geuens


David is a qualified user of VIEW: An Assessment of Problem Solving Style and the Situational Outlook Questionnaire. David is also a CPSB certified facilitator for the Igniting Creative Potential series of courses. As an Associate of CPSB, David works with a variety of clients to support their learning of the most recent version of Creative Problem Solving (CPS version 6.1™).

While David was completing his B.Sc. degree in Marketing from the Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg (Khlim) in Belgium in 2004, he completed his internship with CPSB. His research included an in-depth study of the development of blockbuster new products for a global publishing organization. This research took him to Paris, Copenhagen, Malmö, London, New York and Marbella. This work contributed to a key chapter in Meeting the Innovation Challenge: Leadership for Transformation and Growth published by Wiley in 2006. His internship also included providing training in Creative Problem Solving to Oxford University Press in the UK and US, and assisting with presentations for Schneider Electric in Paris.

David completed a M.Sc. degree in Business Economics from Vlekho in Brussels, Belgium during 2006. For this degree he conducted original research on the relationship of problem solving style and the preference for and use of Creative Problem Solving tools and found many significant relationships. As a part of his thesis work, David assisted in the delivery of a Teamwork for Transformation course for the Department of Defense in Washington, DC. David is currently pursuing this area of research and is writing an article with Dr. Isaksen to share these results. Following the completion of his degree, David provided training for the University of Great Falls (Montana) executive seminar on Leading with Insight, and assisted in the delivery of an advanced facilitation course for Velocity Sports and Entertainment in Norwalk, CT.

David is a social person. He likes spending as much time with his friends as possible. He also likes traveling and active holidays were he can do his snowboarding and surfing.