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Glenn Wilson

Glenn Wilson

Senior Associate

Glenn “Max” Wilson is a Real Estate Strategist and Broker/Owner of the Max Business Group.  Glenn is setting new benchmarks in the real estate industry by using creative and innovative approaches to create, develop, and apply a systemic “business approach to the business of real estatesm”.   His business model and compensation model are the first of their kind in the industry and are delivering high returns in minimal time for his clients, his staff, and his firm.  Glenn and his training staff are currently developing a full range of presentations, courses and workshops in Creative Problem Solving for the Real Estate Industry.

As a Senior Associate, Glenn has worked with CPSB throughout the US and Europe helping top leaders within the military, Fortune 100s, and Global 100s to improve individual, team, leader, and or organizational performance and the management of change by leveraging creative potential in people, processes, products and working environments.

Earned certifications include: Certified Igniting Creative Potential Trainer; Certified Creative Problem Solving Facilitator; Certified Situational Outlook Questionnaire (SOQ) Qualified Practitioner Trainer; Qualified SOQ Practitioner; Certified Teamwork for Transformation Trainer; Certified VIEW Trainer; and Qualified VIEW User.  Glenn holds a Master in Education and a Master of Science degree in Creativity and Innovation.  He owns the 3rd largest library of creativity-related books in the world, has written numerous articles, collaborated on books and research projects, and stays cutting edge by writing book reviews and judging at new invention trade shows.