Creative Problem Solving (CPS) 101 Creative Problem Solving 101

The Creative Problem Solving 101 (CPS 101) distance learning course is designed to enhance the creative, innovative and facilitation skills of practitioners from all lines of business.  CPSB developed CPS 101 through collaboration with IBM’s Executive Learning Center.

CPS 101 offers a variety of different opportunities to build core CPS Version 6.1™ skills and provides you with an overview of tools, methods and techniques which are available to enhance your facilitation capabilities.

The objectives of this distance learning course are to:

  • examine frameworks of creativity, problem solving and innovation
  • provide you tools to effectively manage and facilitate groups that need to address challenges
  • understand the role of CPS Version 6.1™ facilitation in your current and future situations
  • develop skills in team building, creativity, innovation and coaching
  • facilitate your ability to establish positive working relationships
  • provide you with tools to optimize team performance for creativity and innovation

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