The Prioritizer Prioritizer

The Prioritizer™ is an online, web-based Paired Comparison Analysis tool that ranks a given menu of options or concepts two at a time. These are presented to the end user in a random mixture (using algorithms) to assure the best possible evaluation.  The result is clear directional guidance regarding the order of importance of these options or concepts from your co-workers or customers.

The Prioritizer™ has been used to rank strategic direction options and even what initiatives would make employees on a team the happiest.  In New Product Development projects, Prioritizer™ is used to reach out to consumers and rank new product concepts with definitions and visual support, enabling consumers to make educated decisions about new product concepts.  

The outcomes from a Prioritizer™ session include:

  • A relative ranking of importance of the concepts or options by the selected end users.
  • Important demographic information on results from consumers
  • Clear, directional guidance about what steps to take next

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