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CPS Makes Headlines!
By: CPSB Team

Recently CPS-B hosted a Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Trainer Fast Tracking workshop.  Its purpose was to help people accelerate their progress in developing skills to train CPS-B’s Foundations of CPS™ training course.
During the workshop, participants were asked to share stories about their use of Creative Problem Solving (CPS) and the impact they were having with it.  The activity was designed to help the group “state the business case” for learning and using Creative Problem Solving (CPS).  It also helped people better understand the impact others were having with Creative Problem Solving (CPS).

To make the story-telling process more interesting and valuable, we asked the participants to listen to each story and to identify a headline for it.  This headline would be the title of a newspaper article if they were writing one on the impact of Creative Problem Solving (CPS).

We thought you might be interested in hearing some of the headlines they created and have included them here.  There are multiple headlines for each story.  We share all of them with you because each has a different perspective on the actual impact the storyteller had with Creative Problem Solving (CPS). 


“Organizations collaborate to develop compliance standards for the health care industry”

“Mission statement and financial structure created for health care organization”

“Diverse perspectives aligned with powerful focus”

“CPS improves sick children’s lives through fast tracking alternative health care center”

“CPS used to develop highly unique performance review system”

“CPS helps make positive waves in national non-profit with effective job performance evaluations”

“CPS used to increase employee impact through effective performance appraising”

“CPS stimulates significant improve in idea verses launch rate effectiveness from 8% to 22%”

“CPS helps reduce cost of idea development to 1/7 its original cost”

“CPS helps reduce new idea development costs by 88% (from $1 million to $117,000)”

“CPS can help reduce your research and development, testing and evaluating time line by more than 50% (from 2 years to 10 months)”

“CPS is significant in helping groups/teams achieve more in less time through global collaboration”

“CPS enhances global collaboration”

“Global collaboration achieved through CPS”

“Team development accelerated through CPS”

“CPS moves customer retention from 3% to 68% in four months”

“CPS creates astounding turn around in customer retention”

“CPS brings in $1.5 million in customer retention”

“CPS helps people take responsibility for their effectiveness”

“CPS helps people get below the surface to define customer needs and transform products”

“CPS helps increase power of rapid prototyping”

“CPS takes seed of idea to market in 11 months”

“CPS stimulates innovation process”

“CPS pulls together the most unrelated of technologies to reignite new product development”

“Integrating CPS transforms innovation capabilities”

“CPS integrated into the fabric of new product development”
These stories will appear in future editions  of the Communiqués..  If you have a story you would like to tell Communiqué readers regarding your impact in facilitating CPS, please email it to:

Please limit the story length to four or five paragraphs and include the following: a brief description of the topic, what you did, and what resulted  – along with a headline.  Also, please provide a two-sentence description of you so that we may identify you at the end of the story.  (note: If you use the name of a company in your story, please include a short statement from the representative of the company granting CPS-B permission to print the story.)

Source CPSB’s Communiqué, Vol. 10, p.12-13, 2000, © 2000 CPSB, Reprinted with Permission