Leading Strategic Change

Strategic Thinking Strategic Thinking: Moving Beyond Today's Reality

More and more the amount of change, as well as the pace of that change, has turned people in organizations into crisis managers-spending the majority of their time dealing with the fires and emergencies that arise on a daily basis. This “today-centered”  approach to problem solving takes attention away from the critical and pressing questions of planning for the future.

What you are currently doing may not be the best way to approach the future.  It is critical that you understand the future focused strategic imperatives for your company and what you need to be doing today to achieve them.

Where are we going? How are we going to get there? How can we raise the level of thinking from a focus on the day-to-day to a more strategic perspective? These are critical questions, that when answered, give you a template for future growth, a more innovative future and a more profitable organization.

Three things are needed to move a business forward into new levels of performance. First, there needs to be a clear understanding of where the organization wants to go (its desired future state).  Second, there is a need to know the current reality of the business. And third, it is important to identify the key barriers that are stopping the organization from creating the desired future state.

Power behind CPSB’s Approach to Strategic Thinking

The power behind CPSB’s approach to Strategic Thinking is the focus not only on developing the clarity of where you need to go, but also in overcoming the barriers that are stopping you from getting there.  Your entire team will be actively engaged in creating the strategic framework, a powerful image of the organization’s strategies, as well as a clear set of action steps for achieving your goal.

Utilizing CPSB’s powerful tools, proven method, and expert facilitation for getting a clear picture of the issues that are facing you, in a more thoughtful and strategic manner, will be invaluable as you look to achieve your best possible future.

Benefits of Strategic Thinking

  • Engages your entire team in the creation of the strategy
  • Builds consensus and commitment to the strategy
  • Creates a link between today’s activities and strategy
  • Maintains a future focus in decision-making
  • Raises the level of thinking from now focused to future focused
  • Makes strategy a day-to-day reality
  • Enables your team to define and refine its strategic approach on an ongoing basis

Applications of Strategic Thinking

CPSB has assisted organizations in meeting a variety of strategic needs including:
  • Creating a three year strategy
  • Cost reduction
  • Creating strategy to align with the organization’s vision

Implications for your Business

By thinking more strategically managers and leaders will be better able to not only identify problem areas before they arise, but also to identify the potential solutions to those issues in a more timely and proactive manner. You will have a strategic framework as a basis for making decisions that are based in strategic need and not just in the urgency of today.


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